Step by Step Registration To Manage Club Bike Boxes

If you would like to use SportsKitBuddy for the management of your club boxes, follow these steps to get all your boxes listed and ready to go.

Using the 'club Item management system' will mean you are able to set up a unique club code so only club members will be able to hire items with code attached. If the club owns the item then a Round Robin pick up system can be specified where the next box hirer will know to pick up the club item from the previous hirer's address.

Ordinary club members can also add their own items exclusively for club hire if the club administrator agrees and shares a special club code set up by the administrator. This box will be registered to the owner's address.

All the payments, bookings and email alerts are taken care of by SportsKitBuddy, making the clubs box administrator's life much easier!

Set-Up Steps:

1. Club appointed manager/administrator signs up to site.

2. Once registered click on: 'My Account' – 'Create Membership Codes for Your Club Items' then enter name of club and whether item will be 'round robin' or have a fixed address 'standard'. A second code can be generated if some items are club owned (round robin) and some are owned and rented out by club members (standard).

3. If the club has its own items then go to: 'My Account' – 'Add Item' and fill in Box details, hire rates, club bank details for payment. Typically clubs don't ask for deposits however that is down to the administrator. Finish entering info until reaching the 'Booking Restrictions' tab. Select the assigned club code and save.

4. If you want club members to be able to rent their own items out to other members make sure there is a 'standard' not 'round robin' club code created. You can then share this with club members looking to solely rent items out with in the club.

5. You can now share this information and with your club members looking to hire items. Typically it works best when they email you asking for the code as opposed to sharing it too widely.

The main job of the club administrator moving forward is to agree to any club owned item hire requests that come in from club members, these will be via email and text. This must be done with in 12 hours or will automatically be rejected.