Step by Step Registration To Manage Club Bike Boxes

If you would like to use SportsKitBuddy for the management of your club boxes, follow these steps to get all your boxes listed and ready to go.

Using the 'club box management system' will mean you are able to set up a Round Robin pick up system. Each box hirer will know who they are collecting their box from when it's their box hire time. Furthermore, ordinary club members can add their own boxes exclusively for club hire if the club administrator so agrees.

All the payments, bookings and email alerts are taken care of by SportsKitBuddy, making the clubs box administrator's life much easier!

Set Up Steps:

  1. Club appointed bike box manager should sign up to the site
  2. Next they should Contact us in order to get a specific Club ID number, which will mean only members supplied with this code can gain access to hire these boxes.
  3. They should log into web site and click on "My Account" tab.
  4. Click 'Add an Item' and name the Box clearly if you have more than one Box, eg. Serpentine Club Box 1 then fill out all information, use club address for purpose of pick up/box home at this time.
  5. After Saving and Continuing: Enter the make of the box and details info and condition then enter in club code in the blue area at bottom of the second screen. Finally they should decide whether they want the item live now or at a later date.

NB. If you are a club member who would exclusively like to rent out your box to other club members and your friends then again, contact us and request your code, enter it as above and start hiring out your box to your club mates who you have shared the code with!