How it works

I'm looking for a Box/Item

Just enter your dates of travel and your postcode. We'll show you what's availiable and you can make your booking there and then.

If you're traveling within 30 days of making a reservation, you'll need to pay the deposit at time of booking.

We send the payment over to the owner of the item 48 hours after the collection and hold onto the deposit.

Once the owner has the item back, has inspected it is happy we'll pop the deposit back to you. In case of any dispute please see the Terms and Conditions which can be found here.

I own a Box/Item

Just list it online and it will be instantly available for others to hire. We find that items with good descriptions and photos tend to get booked more. People like to see what they are getting!

As the owner you'll be able to choose whether you are able to deliver the item to the booker for an additional fee. You can and should of course reserve your item to yourself if you're planning a trip away! Finally you can make the item unavailable longer term if you desire, it then won't show up in any new search results. But obviously any existing bookings must be honoured.

I'm a member of a cycling club

If your club has 'Club Only' boxes then speak to your club administrator and ask them for the club's unique code. Once items have a member code these boxes are only visible to club members. You can also see if a fellow member has listed a box. After that, go to the 'Your Account' page, click 'Show Me Your Club Memberships' and enter in the club code. You will be shown box's availiable exclusively to club members as well as box's availiable to the public.


Person booking item (added to their payment)
£2.99 booking fee
4% fee for online card payment

Owner of the item (deducted from their payment)
10% for the hire amount (minimum £2.99) booking fee
4% fee deducted for deposit merchant fees (this also covers the deposit handling and management costs)

You're hiring a box for £45 per week for one weeks hire with a deposit of £50 which you'll collect from the owner.

The person hiring pays the £45, £2.99 booking fee plus £1.92 for the credit card fee making a total payment of £49.91 that they pay for the hire of this item.

They will then need to pay their deposit, again through the SportsKitBuddy system, before the start of the hire which we manage through the hire process but no further fees are payable for this deposit payment meaning they will just pay the £50. The card payment fees for the deposit are paid by the owner of item.

The owner of the item will receive the £45 less our booking fee of £4.50 (10%) with a further deduction of £2 (4%) which covers the deposit merchant/handling fees meaning you, as the owner, receive £38.50 for this booking excluding any deposit money.